Quality and motivation…

…is according to us the base to provide proper care.

he primary focus to us is the individual attention for our client, quality is more important than quantity.
A motivated and specialized team is always ready for you!


Our working area is nationwide within the whole of the Netherlands. 

Or you can contact us in order to verify if we are deployable in your area.

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> Individual committed budget

> Care-bundle

> Service & Quality - Hourtariffs

> Family support - Nursing Care - Support after admission in a Hospital

> 24-hours Care

> Specialized child care

> Terminale Verzorging

We work with an individually committed budget (PGB) for people from the CIZ (Centre Indicating Care).

If you have a private insurance for homecare, you can also be served by us. The expense account of "Healthcare Ernestine" will be determined and applied according to statutoryigations, namely the "CAO for nurse- and carehomes and for the healthcare". (A result has been accomplished for the "CAO for nurse- and carehomes and for the healthcare". From of the first of January there is no separate CAO any more for the healthcare, but one CAO VVT.
And of course you can also buy care from us privately, without the restrictions as mentioned above.


If you consume 24-hours of care or 40-hours of care, we can offer you a care-bundle. 

A care-bundles provides all you need. The care-bundle costs a fixed amount a month, which is cheaper than the costs for the total hours according to the CAO VVT for the same care during a month.

The draw up for a care-bundle costs once-only € 140, -

You can settle these costs with your PGB or assurance.


In the discussion about the raise of the personal contribution, minister Hoogervorst has made several formal statements which result in the threat of originating of an over-excited look at the hourtariffs in the healthcare.

The minister stated that the personal contribution only covers 5% of the costs.
With an average personal contribution of € 4,80 in 2003 the computators calculate € 96, - a week. "It seems there are working consultants in the homecare",somebody remarked.
In order to avoid misunderstandings: 
The maximum healthcare tariffs are much lower.
The tariffs vary with the kind of care. Domestic care costs € 26,70 while (very) specialized care costs € 65,60. These tariffs are public.

Are you interested?

Here you find the tariffs. These tariffs are also applied bij "Healthcare Ernestine", according to international conventions, which may be changed yearly.

Service & quality

Healthcare Ernestine works from an holistic human view.
This means there is attention for the client, but also for his or her mental position and environment. Before we can actually offer care, a combined care plan is constructed. The costs for a consultation are only € 70,- (a consultation is the same as an intake-conversation). Thereafter "Healthcare Ernestine" can assess if "Healthcare Ernestine" actually can offer you the right service.

Family support

Family support may concern domestic support, but also care for parent and child.

We can support families with a mentally or physically disabled child. You can also ask for our support with behavioral problems. We take care of these children when the parents want to spent a day or an evening elsewhere.

Nursing care

For a long or short period you can enlist the services of an experienced and qualified BIG registered nurse, who is allowed to carry out limited medical actions.

Family support

Healthcare Ernestine supplies care to people in difficult times. If necessary, we take care of:

Support after admission in a hospital

In The Netherlands, patients are frequently discharged too early from hospital after an admission and a treatment.

Sometimes people are confronted with problems because they do not have family or friends to help them and to give them follow-up care. Healthcare Ernestine can supply nurses who can follow up the treatment of a doctor.

24-hours Care

A 24-hours service implies 24 hour lend of healthcare as a support of the normal living. Healthcare Ernestine administers the care with a team of 8-10 regular fellow-workers. The fellow-workers of this team will complete and relieve each other, but the team remains the same. The client will be taken care for by this regular team and it will not be necessary to make acquaintance every time with other fellow-workers. The duties of the fellow-workers will be mutual shared into contents and education.

The duties:

Provinding a 24-hour service is a heavy way of care services for every care-institution. Also we call this intensive care service. In this situation the client remains at home, but shares his/her living environment with the healthcare servers. It is a rather expensive way of care. Healthcare Ernestine acts as a small care service home. Care in one’s own house is trusty and pleasant. The ambition of the client stands focussed and the safety remains secured. A care plan is drawn up, which is completely based on the need of care of the client. The plan is kept up in a scenario, which is permanently adapted to the physical and mental condition of the client. Also all agreements and rules of all parties interested will be registered in the plan. One of the rules is that there is only one family-representative appointed. The family-representative will be fully informed about the care and interests. The family-representative is also assigned a regular contactperson of Healthcare Ernestine, who will carefully answer all your questions. We have chosen for this approach because it is important for the rest of the team of Healthcare Ernestine that one family representative coordinates all the questions from the family en informs the family with the right information. The most positive part of 24-hours care use is that the quality of life remains as long as possible on the same level. If one gets older, and or sick, or has no longer the capatibility to live and reside on ones own, you can make plans with your own medical team.

The costs of a 24-uurs service:

An one hour-tariff without nursing care is € 44,90.

Here below follows a survey of a 24-hours care without the evening tariffs and a week-end additonal charge, in which way you may globally notice the costs. We give you advice about your possibilities to claim a refund of a part of your expenses. Do pay attention: if you do not have an indication for your care-request from the CIZ or by means of a statement of your docter, an additional charge of 6% BTW (VAT) will increase your account.

24-hours service: € 1078, - a day (without additional charges) 12-hours service: € 539, - a day (without additional charges) 30 day (a whole month) 24-hours service: € 32.400 (without additional charges)

These costs seem astonishing, but healthcare still is significantly cheaper than staying in a healthcare home, a nursing home or a hospital. It is important to realize that the client is taken care of at home by certified employees, who will be paid according to the standards if the CAO Healthcare/Nursing house.

You can apply for an accomodation in the costs at the CIZ; in your application you motivate why you think you have a performence right for an 24/hours/care service. 24-hours care will always be awarded if there is for instance temporally no place in a care home or in a nursing home. The indication of the CIZ is awarded to the care home where somebody is residing at short or long notice. Untill a place becomes vacant, Healthcare Ernestine can be committed and paid by the future care home to apply 24 hours care service at the client’s home.

This 24-hours care can also be committed by the hospital if a hospital bed has to made urgently available for another patient. If it becomes clear that the client will be taken care of properly, the hospital will contract Healthcare Ernestine.

In the last phase of life, the CIZ and the AWBZ will also refund 24-hours care at home (terminal care).

For the situations described here above, you could get a refund for 24-hous-care. If you have received a care indication from the CIZ, then you can convert this to an Individually Committed Budget (PGB). You can use the PGB partially for the costs of the 24-hours care service. Also if you have an indication from the care administration authorities, the WMO, you may supplement a part of the costs. With these indications you still do not have the full supply for the costs, the cost will not completely be covered. This means that you have to complement the rest of the costs. It is possible that you have no extra insurance for private healthcare. Depending upon the insurance they may give assistance to help you with the costs.

If the CIZ prescribes to you a nursing- or care home, the next possibility emerges: if someone can seriously support you, then you can also make a request to allocate the care hours which were destined for the care home to yourself as an Individualy Committed Budged (PGB). You then have several possibilities to stay at your own home. Healthcare Ernestine will commit with full dedication to accompany you in the difficult last phase of life.

Healthcare Ernestine investigates with you all possibilities for your care request. Maybe you have relatives who want to be scheduled with the 24-hours care. If they want to accomplish a sleep-duty during a period, you can reduce the costs. If you do not have relatives, a judge can assign to you a lawyer who manages your medical en financial interests. Also you can assign a second contactperson who will survey your care.

As healthcare we are prepared and capable to offer you gentle and understanding care until the last minutes of your life. We ask only for mutual respect and cooperation. Your need for care comes first, in all its aspects. If ever it appears that we can not give you the desired care, which is only in very rare cases, we are legally obliged to inform the docter. Subsequently the docter decides eventually to assign the care to another organisazion. We want at all times to guarantee your care according to our engagements.

Respect is important to us in the co-opperation with all concerned parties involved. 24-hours care demands a lot from our team, but also from our clients and their relatives. We remain guests in your house and therefore respect is essential in our co-operation.

We hope to have informed you sufficiently of the content of our 24-hours care. This brochure is the base of the care we can offer you. Depending on your situation, wishes and ideas, whe can adapt and improve your care plan.

Specialized child care

The team of Healthcare Ernestine can be committed to the accompaniment of children with a physical or mental disability.

We offer help with the attendance of your child, but we also focus on the development of activities and stimulation of the development and not to forget relaxation. If you yourself have an idea about the tasks where we might support you, do no hesitate to contact us and make a proposal to us what you have in mind.

Healthcare for children? Healthcare for families!

Healthcare Ernestine wants to commit to better healthcare for the family, hence for the parents and for the children. Types of care for the children, which parents cannot accomplish. From child nursing to relief of domestic duties, or even assistance with a day off with the whole family.

Under some circumstances the parents of ill children have to act almost as specialized nurses with the care of their ill child at home. Many parents want to give this support on their own, but that is not always easy. Or more precize: it is a bit of burden. Long days, many duties, emotional or physical heavy work. Besides, the parents have often other duties as parents for the other children of the family. But also the relation between parents is often heavily burdened. With the care of children the need for short lasting (supportive) (chronic) care stages may be present. Also there may be the need for care with frequently alternating intensity or care only on demand.

Healthcare Ernestine can contribute to care in many ways: from a specialized nurse for children, by taking care of an ill child, up to a handy help in domestic affairs or a reliable hospital attendant who takes over the worries for an evening. Or who may be at the background when you are a day off. In such a way the parents can regain strength or focus their attention on affairs which need full attention at the moment.

Care: depending on the weight of care and duties, which can be judged at the intake conversation, the employment may consist of a supporter for ill people, a generic nurse or a specialized nurse for children. Care consists of 1 or more duties during a day or week up to complete 24-hours care and also the attending duties will be discussed. After the intake consult follows a proposal voor care taking: the care plan.

Healthcare Ernestine has as its primary goal qualitative high standing care, with as a second goal affordable prices! A small organization with a great individual touch. How is that managable?

Terminal care

Tender Love and Care

Terminal care, support and accompaniment by Healthcare Ernestine.

Many people prefer to remain in their own own home during the final phase of their life. If you have decided to pass away at home, you need your fellow-partner, your children, your family and friends. Accompaniment and support by your doctor is necessary, but also nursing care fitting your illness. Often there are no medical reasons to stay in hospital during the terminal phase. You can then be taken care of at home and look forward to a time with as much dignity as possible.

What can you expect from Healthcare Ernestine if you decide to obtain care from us?

We gladly inform you during a conversation what you may expect from us. We will discuss with you which support you would like to obtain from us. Special attention will be given to the wishes in the future, the relatives and the children and furthermore all cares and everyone who is personally involved with you. Every nurse employed by our home care organization works under the guidance of a docter or specialist in a hospital. The A-nurses are capable and BIG-registrated. They will be continually re-educated during the time they work as a nurse according to The Inspectorate of National Health supervises. Our organization has a supervisory board, as is compulsory for every care organization. This board also has superintendence in order to look after an optimal performance of the care duties.

With us, the nursing care is requested by the doctor or the hospital. This is the first step in the care plan with which we will start. If this care plan is not yet made up, than Healthcare Ernestine can draw this up in dialogue with you and your close relatives and make contact with your doctor or specialist. If the plan is settled and signed, than Healthcare Ernestine can implement the plan at your home.

The nurses and doctor will commit themselves, as the law requires, to relieve your pain. We will treat you tender and gently. That means for us that we accompany you full of love. Your body may hurt more during the time your body increasingly fails. It may even hurt: the regular human touches during your daily care, as washing in the morning, help with eating or a kiss on your cheek from your beloved relatives. The doctor will have full control over the fight against your pan. The nurse of Healthcare Ernestine will accurately conduct the rules of the doctor or specialist or ask him/her to provide the treatment himself/herself. There are also several affairs our organization may perform without the help of a doctor. You might think of care, accompaniment and support. For you and your close relatives. We are glad to hear from you what you expect and your wishes for the upcoming difficult period. Healthcare Ernestine can in this way be and stay involved with the things you want or absolutely do not want.

We will support your wishes and plans as far as possible and if neccessary for instance to arrange transport if you should want to make a trip during a weekend and travel with you. Your docter has to give permission for this and we will take care that all will be arranged at the location of destination, concerning all necessary medical care. This is our Love to you. We want to work with you in a reliable environment. Healthcare Ernestine brings rhythm in your day and is hostess if the care permits it. Light domestic work is possible, but the weekly domestic duties have to be done by a household help. Healthcare Ernestine may rather arrange such a household help with priority.The family will be involved with all these activities and the arrangements will be registrated in writing. The arrangementlist will be signed by all participants in order for every participant to acknowledge his/her responsibility in these hard times.

We are pleased to work with close family in order to secure the care of your beloved. We discuss what we expect from you during the care and what you may expect from us, the Care. Your are safeguarded by a regular team consisting of maximum 9 people. The team has a weekly discussion about the course of the care. We draw up a care plan in the form of a scenario, aimed on the present situation and with goals for the (near) future in order to make this phase of life as pleasant as possible. Healthcare Ernestine has admittance to its own medical advisor: a medical doctor in her Supervisory Board. In case of unforeseen problems this doctor may always be asked for advice or a second opinion, but he will never take over the treatment. Healthcare Ernestine works with professionals. They know better how to act with our Tender Love and Care terminal care accompaniment. We hope that our new students may occasionally run along, but only with your permission.

Do you want to think over the next situations with us? During the first consultation these subjects will pass our attention:

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