The supervisory board

The supervisory board of “Healthcare Ernestine” monitors and checks that the organization behaves correctly regarding all promised and committed care. The home care activities need to progress at least according to expectations or exceed these, with a quality standard as high as possible.

The board consists of 5 independent persons who are either employed by other healthcare organizations, or who run their own enterprise or want to utilize their experience from former labor to support  “Healthcare Ernestine”

For every main task within the organization of “Healthcare Ernestine” a supervisor is appointed.

The medical doctor on the Board superintends the nurses who work for “Healthcare Ernestine”.

“But as a client, an interested party or as a visitor, you deal primary with “Healthcare Ernestine”, and the supervisory board remains in the background.

So you contact “Healthcare Ernestine” with questions, problems or complaints. Also the quality of the care and the fulfilling of agreements, should be discussed primary with “Healthcare Ernestine”. However, in the unlikely event that you feel your complaints are not properly handled, you can always contact the supervisory board at the address as underneath.

Also “Healthcare Ernestine” as an enterprise, can direct to the supervisory board.

You may send a message to the supervisory board by way of P.O. box or by e-mail address as mentioned below.

After reception of your message, contact will be taken as soon as possible.

Supervisory board

Healthcare Ernestine
P.O. box 1553
3500 BN Utrecht

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